The newsletter Sowing Seeds was started in 2006 as a way of communicating with the participants in the WPPC’s mentoring community and other property owners in the McHenry County area and beyond.  After several years, the content of the newsletters was consolidated onto SowingSeedsJournal.com as a way to make the information available on an ongoing basis.

While this is not an official WPPC communication, my years of membership and involvement with the organization have been the foundation of my native plant knowledge.

Around the end of 2015, the contents of the site became unavailable, and I am in the process of entering the content on a new site.  The look will be somewhat different, and it will be some time before the work is completed.

Current Newsletter

Sowing Seeds, No. 59, July 2016 - Sowing Seeds, No. 59 Every year, there seems to be trends – what animal species is the focus of greatest concern, which plant species are more prevalent, which invasives are getting the most attention. The monarch butterfly is a continuing … Continue reading